New York Opening of The Ten Commandments. Telegram sent between Cecil B. DeMille and Arnold Friberg:

Arnold: "It has been a long climb up Mt. Sinai. I'm glad you are with me at The summit, at least in spirit."

Mr. Demille: "It shall not have been important that I have worked for you… but it shall have been important that we worked together for the same Boss. It shall become meaningful, Arnold, as the years roll away and we see what we have done in watering parched human hope so that it may bloom again towards greater spiritual heights."

"Among the living artists who have dedicated themselves To historical and religious art, one that stands out for his virility and warmth, dramatic understanding, and truth. That man Is Arnold Friberg." - Cecil B. DeMille

"Arnold… I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you, on The Ten Commandments." - Charlton Heston

"Arnold Friberg is the Phidias of religious art." - Norman Rockwell

"You pay tribute to everything you paint." - Charles M. Schultz

"All you leave the world is what you've done. No one will ever know the conditions, the comments, the pressures. Only the work remains." -Arnold Friberg